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In October 2017, Roberto Vitelli leaves the band to devote himself fulltime to his solo projects.

At the end of January 2017, Taproban 5th studio album PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (MP3329) is issued, once again for MUSEA RECORDS label. The album, also printed in vinyl format (FGBG 2041) feautures, as Guest Star, the saxofonist Antonio Marangolo (Goblin, Paolo Conte) on the track NEXUS, while the cover painting, once again by Daniela Ventrone, is titled “Tramonto sul mare” and it’s about the myth of Apollo’s Sun Chariot.

In July 2016 "DECAMERON - Ten Days in 100 Novellas - Part III", a 4 CD Boxset, is issued by Seacrest Oy (www.seacrestoy.com). Taproban take part with the track "Il Sogno, la Bestia, la Ritrosa" (CD 3 - Track 2) featuring Noemi Martini as guest female singer.

In January Taproban come to STUDIOSETTE to record their fifth studio album: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (“After adversities we reach the Stars”); this album will feature some tracks from Taproban second and third album (both out of stock) to which the new more experienced line up has given a new technical and musical vitality, besides several unreleased tracks from previous recordings sessions. The album also will feature, as guest star, Antonio Marangolo (Goblin, Paolo Conte) on sax

On the 18th of september, with the new line-up feauturing the new drummer Ares Andreoni, they take part to Progressivamente Festival at Planet Club in Rome, while on the 16th of October, they’re invited to play in Bomarzo at Bomarzo Esoterica international meeting

At the end of april, Taproban return to STUDIOSETTE in Rome to record the track: “Il Sogno, la Bestia, la Ritrosa”, to take part in the Colossus new project Decameron Part III, featuring Noemi Martini as guest female singer

Taproban will play at Teatro Elsa Morante in Rome on December 12th 2014

On September 19th 2014, Taproban will take part in the Progressive World Live Experiment 3 in Rome, sharing the stage with Squartet and Nodo Gordiano


  On May 31th Taproban will propose again the STRIGMALIVE multimedial show at Salvo D’Acquisto Theatre in Rome. On September 19th the band will play the Progressive World Live Experiment n° 3, at Stazione Birra in Morena, Rome

  In October 2013 a distribution contract is signed with the french label Musea Records; in such a way, Taproban become the producer of the new album, that is released in December 2013

In September 2013, Fabio Agresta replaces Francesco Pandico as new Taproban drummer

Between January and June 2013 Taproban record their fourth album STRIGMA, “the brand of the witch”, this time inspired to the element of fire, in association with the female figure. On the 6th of June, the band presents the new tracks on a premiere live performance at “Salvo D’Acquisto” theatre in Rome, feauturing a multimedial light show.

The new line-up takes its first gig at Progressivamente Festival 2012 on March 24th at Jailbreak Live Club in Rome. More info: www.jailbreakliveclub.com/progressivamente2012.htm





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